SMX London – Top 10 Tips – By Jaamit Durrani

In May 2010, I attended SMX London, a search marketing conference that all SEO industry folk are familiar with. Many, if not most of our UK industry peers attend these conferences, amongst them Jaamit Durrani, UK SEO Director at OMD and close friend to so many in the industry. I was lucky to have had the chance to sit next to Jaamit for a few sessions and discuss the conference on the day and by follow up email afterwards.

The outcome of one of our email conversations was that Jaamit would send me some tips to cover on the State of Search radio show a few days later. Jaamit’s tips arrived ever-so-slightly too late for the show, meaning those tips were never covered and were never published, and then forgotten.

I’m so delighted to have found them in my email account after his tragic loss almost 7 months later.

SMX London – Top 10 Tips

1. Links higher up the page pass more weight than those lower down, according to tests Rand Fishkin has carried out

2. Since January Google has devalued the link juice passed via cross site 301 redirects and seems to be favouring cross domain canonical tags instead – Rob Kerry

3. The long tail ranking drops from the ‘MayDay update’ seem to be due to the fact that Google has devalued deeper pages which get all their power from internal links and domain authority alone – “”Deep pages need to justify their existence by having external links to them” – Rob Kerry

4. Get SEO value and link juice from affiliate links by using a session ID-style URL parameter for them, and then using rel=canonical from these to your ‘money pages’ – Rob Kerry

5. The most important dynamic in search is asking and answering questions. So always identify common questions and use your site content to answer them – Rob Sheppard, Ask Jeeves

6. There are loads of ways of getting links from highly authoritative university and government sites. You just need to put some work into it – look at Kelvin Newman’s 17 tips – some are easier than others!

7. New link analysis tool Influence Finder looks like an awesome way of sourcing influential bloggers out of a backlink profile.

8. You can actually get an XML feed of Google Suggest related keywords. Use this combined with Mozenda to trawl through your keyword list and pull out long tail keyword opportunities – Sam Crocker

9. If you have a particularly Social Media Unfriendly domain (eg heavily commercial, won’t wash with the digg/reddit etc crowds), consider a Guest Viral – one step beyond guest blogging, eg making an infographic, offering it to an authority blog and put your link in the embed code – Chris Bennett

10. “If you can’t figure out an action after looking at an analytics report, don’t use it, it’s crap.” – Pere Rovira

Thanks mate

Jaamit kept his word and sent in those tips even though he knew he’d missed the show deadline. I like people who do what they say they’ll do, a lot. The SEO industry will miss Jaamit a lot – it’s so very sad when good people are lost. Our industry (and our Twitter streams) will never be the same again.

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4 thoughts on “SMX London – Top 10 Tips – By Jaamit Durrani

  1. Tim Aldiss says:

    Great tips from the man, the legend – Jaamit RIP.

  2. Richard, that was very nice of you to publish such post.
    It worth saying that Jaamit live blogged some of the SMX sessions pretty well on his new blog: I found very useful to read his live posts after the sessions I missed so I would get the best tips.
    Jaamit was the first person that send me a personal not to welcome me to Twitter when i joined saying: ‘hey, carralon, I know you from the SEOmoz blog, welcome to Twitter!’ I’ll never forget that greeting. Jaamit RIP

  3. Thanks for the summary, especially like number 7.

  4. Neal Dougan says:

    Cheers Jaamit!! Hey was a nice guy. Always really helpful. Thanks Rich for putting this up. Just like the guy himself he made things simple and clear to understand, just like the list above. Nice one. RIP Jaamit.

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