Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We’re grateful for your time, because we’re very proud of our story.

Who are We?

We’re an agency of people who love SEO, search and creating content that communicates ideas and builds brands. We help companies grow through innovative, inventive, effective digital marketing & SEO campaigns.

What’s Our Mission?

Since September 2009, our beautiful company has grown from a single employee to a professional digital marketing agency. Some of the world’s most globally recognized, exciting and challenging brands work with us.

Our company was founded from a love of search. The art and science of search is fascinating to every single member of our team. The thing is, search, or SEO never stops changing, and as a result we never stop learning. It’s infinitely accountable through analytics and because of this, we feel great about making a real, measurable difference to companies online.

Today, our craft uniquely balances the need to be technically and creatively capable. To be successful, brands need a well thought out strategy based on a solid research foundation. They need an agency who can execute that strategy by optimizing their existing assets, while building new assets too. That’s us, Builtvisible.

To help our clients grow customers online, we solve problems by optimizing and building content that communicates ideas and builds brands.

We’re Fighting the Good Fight

Digital marketing, and particularly “SEO” can yield a mixed and unpredictable quality of work. There’s little to no regulation in the agency realm, and an unsuspecting client can actually be harmed by choosing a supplier unwisely.

We’re different. We are totally committed to creating the best, most reliable and effective consulting. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we insist that you speak to our existing clients when you’re considering entering into a relationship with us.

The great joy of search marketing is that as a technical and creative discipline, the subject is fascinating, rich and diverse. To do search well, a marketer must command an array of skills in technical, creative, analytical and research disciplines. It takes time to become what some might consider “expert”, although the reality is we never stop learning, researching and adapting to the changing landscape found online.

With over 10 years of competitive industry search marketing experience, our Founder, Richard, wanted to prove a point.

That it is possible to have superior capabilities in each of the associated disciplines within search engine and digital marketing. That it is possible to produce deeper, more detailed, effective consulting. That it is possible to win the respect of our peers through results, through teaching and contributing back to the industry community that helps and supports us. And, that it is possible to build audiences, grow revenues, and make companies a success through marketing that resonates with new customers and disrupts the tactics of their competitors.

4 years later, we’re growing some of the planet’s most exciting and challenging brands.

Our Values

Our values form the basis of our every day actions. They help us create extraordinary, elegant and inventive consulting and creative solutions.

They help us be extraordinary, effective, inventive, innovative marketers.


We say: “If it isn’t amazing, it’s not ready”


We feel: “We understand the needs of each other, our clients and who our work will target”


We ask: “Is the function and form correct for the message and the medium?”


We believe: “Creativity is at the core of what we do”


We guarantee: “Our work will be researched, effective, correct and honest”

Our Personality

We invest vast amounts of time into understanding ourselves, our team dynamics and our outward perception to make sure that we’re completely prepared to meet the expectations of our clients. You’ll find any member of our team brings a wealth of experience, expertise and leadership in creative digital and technical marketing.

Most importantly, you’ll find we are:

  • Inventive & innovative
  • Honest & intelligent
  • Efficient & effective
  • Motivated & savvy
  • Your Success is Why We Exist

    And that’s why some of the world’s most globally recognized, exciting and challenging brands are working with us.

    Your business. Our expertise. Extraordinary results.

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