Link Building Lessons from Swiss Toni – Think Visibility

Today I presented a link building session at Think Visibility in Leeds, quite possibly my favourite conference! My attitude towards link building is that it involves hard graft, intuition, and imagination; I wanted to look into these aspects and see what lessons can be learnt from the world of sales and business. After all, what we’re doing is working hard to ‘make stuff happen’ – something that successful entrepreneurs and business people are great at.

The session covered my link building process right from researching opportunities through to getting your pitch right and maximising your success rate. Within the presentation I mentioned quite a few resources that I’ve found particularly useful when link building; see the links at the end for your viewing pleasure!

As per usual, any questions just let me know in the comments!

Link Building Lessons from Swiss Toni – Think Visibility



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2 thoughts on “Link Building Lessons from Swiss Toni – Think Visibility

  1. Yannis says:

    Great presentation, I really enjoyed it at the Think Visibility Conference! Hope to see interesting stuff to the next one in September!

  2. gescoman says:

    thank you very much .It’s really interesting.

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