How to Take a Screenshot or Region Capture Like Snagit in Ubuntu

Snagit is a great piece of screen capture software that lets you capture sections of a screen, entire webpages or your full screen view. One of the best bits is being able to add little speech bubbles like this image here. If you’re running Ubuntu though, there’s no such software.

How to capture a screenshot or region of a screen in Ubuntu

Don’t panic, taking a screenshot in Ubuntu is easy with Gimp. You can even set a delay on the screen capture if, for example you need time to clear your screen or go into Compiz cube mode. Here’s what to do:

Open Gimp and go to File>Aquire>Screenshot

From this screen you can take a screenshot, capture a region or capture a selected window. What’s really useful is the ability to set a delay in seconds, so you have time to go and set up your perfect screen grab! :-)

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9 thoughts on “How to Take a Screenshot or Region Capture Like Snagit in Ubuntu

  1. Leopold B. says:

    Thank you OP and Vadim P. for the tips!

  2. Bob says:

    Unfortunately, neither Ksnapshot nor Shutter has that feature. I have to go back to the subpar windows product. It’s a shame because Snagit worked perfectly with Wine and Ubuntu, before the disasterous updates the last year or so.

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks guys – I wasn’t aware that Gimp could do screen captures (so that’s great to know) but a lighter-weight tool like Shutter is exactly what I was looking for and it works great!

  4. vsrikarunyan says:

    Thanks Vadim & Frans, Shutter is too good.

  5. vsrikarunyan says:

    @Bob, I think KSnapshot would just do what you are looking for under Ubuntu.

  6. Bob says:

    The feature I love the best on Snagit is the abitily to continually take screen captures with a delay, so that you can have a screen capture taken every 20 minutes through out the day if you want. It then saves it to a catalogue and I can go back after 8 hours or so and see all the captures. It used to work in wine, but now doesn’t and I haven’t found any Ubuntu programs that will do the same thing.

  7. Thank you – Vadim and Frans, I’ll take a look at Shutter!

  8. Frans says:

    I go with Vadim, shutter is highly recommended.
    Though Gimp is fine tool too, I always felt I was digging a put hole with a bulldozer.

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