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Scoping New Projects: A Research Process for Sales

If you’ve done sales for a digital marketing agency, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be. It’s up to you to figure out if the client is a fit for your agency, scope the entire project and work out a schedule and price point that’s a fit for both parties. For the past […]

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The Account Manager’s Guide to Effective Communication & Client Retention

I’ve worked for, and learned from, several remarkable agencies in my career. Great account managers stand out in any agency environment, no matter the industry. They are able to build relationships with clients quickly, establishing trust out the gate. They may provide the same results as other account managers, but they communicate the value of […]

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Creating Efficient Data Collection Systems for SEO and Social

As marketers we only have so many hours in the day. Nothing is worse than having your team spend time on menial tasks (like data entry) when there’s real work to do. That’s why it’s crucial for managers to create efficient systems – so teams can get more accomplished and make a bigger impact. Most data […]

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Scraping Schema Markup for Competitive Intelligence

Structured mark up is crucial for e-commerce websites if they want to stand out in the SERPs. Because e-commerce sites are generally set up to scale, scraping all of their information is very easy. All it takes is a Screaming Frog crawl and Outwit Hub. For dropshippers and affiliate sites, harvesting competitor data within schema […]

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Mining User Data in Excel with the FullContact API

Recognized and prominent brands (like Target) are turning to big data to mine user information to find the best ways to reach and retain their customer base. Why let the big guys have all the fun? If you have a list of your users’ email addresses you can access your users’ personally identifiable information and social profiles. All […]

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